Who is AmeriCrew?

Our nation’s infrastructure system — the fundamental facilities and systems that support its sustainability, while thriving in most areas, has been neglected in others, and without good reason.


We are changing that; by investing our time and effort in what matters to us most—the underlying framework of our country and the future of our Veterans. Bringing about a new era of technology with a Veteran-centric workforce, focused on comprehensive development, will undoubtedly raise the bar for the industry standard. Of course, this mission will be ongoing and will require dedication, commitment and hard-work but with help from our heroes, we believe our nation’s infrastructure can be the best it has ever been.

We are a veteran-owned, veteran-operated communications infrastructure firm working within all levels of the industry. Our primary goal is to serve our clients, our nation and our veterans.


AmeriCrew has built itself up from values and standards we adhere to on a daily basis, and has become the true foundation of our success.

    Our people are our product – and they are our most valuable asset. We train our people to be sales experts and experts in your brand, and we set them up for success.
    The overachievers and drivers of the business are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. When quantity and quality meet, it is met with opportunity.
    Just as we help our salespeople build long-term, successful careers, we want to build long-term, successful relationships with our partners.
    Technology and consumer trends continue to evolve, so we will, too. We keep up with the latest trends to ensure your brand continues to enjoy a great Novation experience.

After coming back from deployment, I earned my tower climbing certification. I didn’t have any previous telecom experience, but through my hard work, I was able to achieve a top hand position in just one year. To be successful in this industry, you have to be a go getter. If you want, you can get it.

Harland Harvey


We are all professionals in the wireless infrastructure industry, and some of us have served our country – so we talk wireless technology, and we speak veteran. Our goal is to bring this conversation together, connecting Americans to devices, and creating career opportunities for the men and women who have been released from active duty.

We believe in a culture of education, and stand by the mantra of teaching Veterans to fish rather than giving them a pole. We strive to honor the great men and women who served our country by providing them a path in which they can walk directly to a fulfilling and lifelong career. We cultivate a great spirit of team work, and have joined together through a force greater than us all.

P. Kelley Dunne

P. Kelley Dunne


Kelley began his career deploying the first all digital wireless systems for the US Army. Kelley served most recently as CEO of One Economy, a global non-profit that brings technology to under-served communities. He has also served as co-founder, CEO and Chairman of DigitalBridge Communications, one of the first mobile broadband wireless companies launched in the US, and in senior executive leadership positions at Verizon, AT&T, Bell Labs and OnePoint Communications.

Kelley has more than 30+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is recognized as an industry pioneer in deploying some of the first 4G broadband wireless capacities across the country. Kelley is currently the President and Co-Founder of Warriors4Wireless (www.warriors4wireless.org) and the CEO of Novation Services. Prior to Novation and W4W, Kelley was CEO of One Economy, a global non-profit that brings technology to under-served communities.  Prior to One Economy, he was the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of DigitalBridge Communications, one of the first mobile broadband wireless companies launched in the US. His career also included senior executive leadership positions at Verizon, AT&T, Bell Labs and OnePoint Communications.  He has both a BS and MS degrees in Communications Engineering and Management from Ohio University and Ball State University.

Brian Weis

Brian Weis


Brian Weis is the President of Mikab Corporation, a 50-year-old telecommunications construction company. 

Brian’s career with Mikab began in 1993, working as Lead Foreman and Project Manager before becoming Vice-president of Operations in 1998 and then President in 2004. 

As the driving force behind Mikab’s consistently successful growth, Brian has guided the company through multiple network expansions for the major wireless carriers. From the 3G expansion introducing LTE to the 4G expansion introducing fiber to the antenna (FTTA) and remote radio heads (RRH), Brian’s forward focus on telecommunications construction now sees the company firmly rooted in the 5G expansion introducing Giga-bit speed to the wireless market. Under Brian’s leadership, Mikab has also completed projects for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, E-911 for NYPD, FDNY, and various county-wide and local municipal projects. 

Brian also has extensive experience in the AM & FM Broadcast markets with Mikab being the preferred vendor for several NY area broadcasters, including the relocation of the entire transmitter facility for ESPN-AM to make room for the American Dream mall.

Brian has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Bucknell University

Keith Eckert

Keith Eckert


Keith Eckert is a Financial Executive with comprehensive experience in Strategic Financial Leadership, Business Strategy, Financial Planning & Analysis, New Business and Product Development. 

Serving as a Consulting CFO for early and growth stage companies with an emphasis in the SaaS, Entertainment & Media sectors. Helping clients to secure funding. Additional administrative functions included HR, Purchasing, Facilities, and IT.

With a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School, and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell, Keith is the former Chief Financial Officer of EPIX, the premium television and digital entertainment subscription service, which is a joint venture of Viacom, Paramount Pictures, MGM and Lionsgate. After successfully raising $258 million, he brought the company to a self-funding position within 14 months of launch, hit profitability within 26 months, grew the company to a $185 million profit by year 7 and delivered $1.7 billion to his venture partners 

A trusted advisor to senior executives in business planning and strategic decision-making, he has led finance teams, established corporate strategy and operations. His expertise includes the development of business plans, including financial models, and advising on distribution and growth strategies which he effectively executed on behalf of EPIX. Advising on all major “C” level corporate initiatives and transactions including; original programming and acquisitions, distribution deals (cable, satellite, telco, digital / OTT).

Prior to EPIX he served as a senior financial leader for The Sundance Channel and Showtime Networks. He has been responsible for many aspects of each company’s financial and business operations and successes. 

Earl Scott

Earl Scott


gymGO, Executive Chairman – gymGO is a B2B2C virtual training platform that allows  independent boutique studios and personal trainers the ability to  train their clients online conveniently in their homes. We will create  a white label version of gymGO called VetGO to train veterans  online in support of Novation Veteran Services.  

Warriors4Wireless, Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman  – a Non-Profit Organization that trains and places military veterans 

Dynis, LLC, President & CEO  –  Dynis, (formerly, Dynatech Integrated Systems), a  telecommunications infrastructure services company that provided  EF & I services to AT&T, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.  Grew organically and, through the acquisition of Orius in 2005.  Successful exit to MasTec, a $4B publicly traded Utility and  Telecommunications Infrastructure Company in 2014. 

Dynatech Integrated Systems, President & CEO  – An Information Technology Systems Integrator that provides IT  solutions to COB and engineering clients. 

IBM, Systems Engineer & Marketing Representative  – Responsible for the sales and installation of IBM Information  Technology solutions to the city of Baltimore, state of MD, and  federal customers. 

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