What Crew Members Are Saying

“The relentless effort and sense of belonging put toward the veteran space was something I have never seen before. People don’t do that, but Kelley did. To say the opportunities provided to me transformed my life would be an understatement.”

-Bryce | USMC 2008-2013 | E4

“AmeriCrew is a springboard for Veterans, National Guard, and Reservists to get trained and then gain entry into our industry. I have worked here for 10 years and have seen hundreds upon hundreds of veterans successfully go though our program. We set you up for careers not jobs! The career paths and earning potential in Telecom, Fiber, Wireless, EV and Broadband is incredible. There are literally tens of thousands of open positions available. Please take advantage of this and apply on our website. We’ll reach out and tell you more.

-Arthur  | Sr. Manager | Education and Training

“Joining the AmeriCrew team it became clear to me very quickly that the mission comes from a deep desire to help people. No matter where you are in life they will do everything they can to help you succeed, that’s what makes me proud to be part of the team.”

-JackWorkforce Development Coordinator

“After serving 12 years in the Marine Corps and reaching the rank of SSGT I found when I separated, I was searching for something as all Veterans are.  Well, I found it with Kelley Dunne and AmeriCrew.   The ability to be part of such a fine example of leadership, mentorship, and training that is offered is second to none.  If you are searching for a purpose and the ability to lay your head down at night knowing you have accomplished something every day look no further.”

-Jim | USMC 2000-2012 | SSGT

“Working at AmeriCrew is being part of a Veteran first community who’s mission is aimed at getting Veterans launched into a new careers in the civilian workforce.

-Tara | Recruiter

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