Are you ready to transition to your next career? Or are you underemployed and looking for a new opportunity? Are you interested in working within the wireless communications and technology sectors? We want to talk to you.

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We Speak Veteran

As a Veteran owned and operated company – including employees from various ranks and branches on both the local and national level – Novation fully understands and appreciates the need to provide training and assistance to those newly released from the military.

We Speak Technology

The demand for cellular data is exploding. Driven by the rise of smartphones, streaming and the expanding internet, the technology industry is expected to grow seven-fold by 2019. Novation has the expertise and knowledge to keep pace with this growth.

We Train Veterans to Speak Technology

Merging our two disciplines is what makes Novation especially unique. We have combined our comprehensive knowledge of technology, with our intimate knowledge of Veteran life, and have created a platform that is both productive and meaningful.

We Need Your Skills.

With the trained and prepared Veteran workforce, we serve the strategic goals of our clients’ 4G & 5G infrastructure efforts, by deploying wireless broadband networks, services and programs. In addition, we work closely within under served communities, evaluate the communication needs within that community, and leverage partnerships with industry leading service providers, to bring improved quality and speed into surrounding areas.

Working in the wireless industry is our profession. Serving this great nation’s Veterans is our passion. Every day we count ourselves fortunate to bring our passion into our profession, and we won’t ever stop!

We focus heavily on career and employee development to build confident, passionate, successful representatives and leaders.

About the NW2 program


We provide comprehensive, and best-in-class training and certification courses taught by knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals.


We offer on-the-job and apprenticeship opportunities for trained Veterans who are ready to take the next step into real world projects.


We partner with leaders in the telecommunications infrastructure industry who are equally committed to our mission of training and placing Veterans into careers.

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